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Hyperimage – Visualisierungen (ICAM)

  • Hamburg-Altona, Königstraße
    • appr. 3.000 graves of all 6.000 mapped, not all features implemented.
    • Flash based prototype, will be HTML 5 in near future.
    • Mouseclick at a grave on the map leads to image and metadata.
    • By hovering over a grave at the map an info window appears with date of death and link to a gallery of all headstone photos, recent and historical.
    • Try red links after "Todesdatum" (date of death) to get an impression about complex search result visualizations, here the development of the burial site, gendered. Will be performed via a search interface later.
    • Try "Darstellung/Vergrößern" from the menu to enlarge the map. Scroll by clicking and dragging with the hand pointer.
    • Try "Galerie/Levitenkanne" for an iconographically oriented light table visualization.
    • Try "Ordner/Grabsteine mit verknüpften Inschriften" to see the linkage between headstone photo and epigraphics. Click at the inscription at the photo.

Digitale Editionen (STI)


Baugeschichtliche Beschreibungen (BSBG-TUB)


Suchinterface | Retrieval interface (DAASI)

Link to the final version of the retrieval interface.

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