The metadata form for Collections contains the following elements:

  1. Title(s)
  2. Identifier(s)
  3. Collector(s)
  4. Abstract(s)
  5. Collection Description(s)
  6. Spatial(s)
  7. Temporal(s)
  8. Subject(s)
  9. Notes

Use the "Collector" element for a DC relator term as role attribute, an identifying URI as "id" attribute and the agent’s name as the value. The element is required and repeatable.

The "Abstract" element for comprehensive information about an Object is optional and not repeatable. The "Collection Description" field is optional and repeatable.

Spatial, temporal, and subject keywords can be added. They consist of an identifier ideally linked to a controlled vocabulary and a value as it should be displayed. These fields are repeatable by clicking the “Add additional Identifier” button.

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