The context menu of the Design View allows the user to use most of the view’s features via right-click.

  • To delete an XML Object, right-click it and select “Delete”.
  • To insert a DOCTYPE declaration in your document, right-click at any position in the editing view and select “Add DTD Information...”.
  • To add new or edit existing namespaces in the document, right-click at any position in the editing view and select “Edit Namespaces...”.
  • Processing instructions can be edited in a pop-up window after “Add Processing Instruction” has been selected.
  • To add an element at a certain position relative to an element in the document, right-click it and choose one of the elements proposed. When selecting “Add Child”, “Add Before” or “Add After”, you can add the following elements:
    • a comment
    • a processing instruction
    • PCDATA 
    • a CDATA section
    • a new element 
  • You can add attributes to an element by right-clicking it and selecting from the list proposed after selecting “Add Attribute”  .
  • To edit attributes, right-click the attribute in the Design View and select “Edit Attribute...”.

The lists of proposed elements and attributes are provided by Content Assist. Proposals come from a referenced content model if a schema is specified for the document, or through the XML catalog if a schema is not specified. This will give you “smarter” proposals, such as specific child element proposals within a given element, or required attribute proposals.

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