The context menu of the Source View provides access to most of the view’s features via right-click. Using this menu, you can

  • Undo changes and revert the XML document to the last saved state, and save the current state
  • Highlight the document or part of the document in the Navigator, Project Explorer, Outline View or Properties View by selecting “Show In”
  • Select Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Start Quick Fix
  • Manage comments, format or clean up the source code by selecting “Source”
  • Open the Properties View
  • Use Eclipse’s Subversion options by selecting “Team”, “Compare With” or “Replace With”
  • Associate an Adaptor
  • Copy an URI or URI fragment, delete the document, show or reload metadata, and show Revisions and CRUD warnings that inform you about database problems
  • Select editor-relevant preferences
  • Look up a word in the dictionaries

With the context menu it is also possible to interact with other modules of the TextGridLab. By default, this is true for the Dictionary Search. It is also possible for the LemmatizerLEXUSCosmas IIANNEX and SADE, if they have been installed.



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