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Links can be corrected or deleted later.

  • In the Image View, linked shapes are displayed with a solid line.
  • A link can be selected by double-clicking the shape in the image or the anchor in the text field.
  • You can also correct shapes in the Image View. When moving over an active shape, the cursor and its icon change: In the center it will become a four way arrow that allows you to change the position of the shape by clicking and dragging. Close to the boundaries, it will allow you to reposition the edges (with a two-way arrow) or the corners (with a diagonal two-way arrow) in a similar way. Polygon changes can be performed in a similar manner, with the exception that single edges of polygons can not be moved and adjusted.
  • Linked Objects (i.e. shapes in text and image and their link) can be deleted by right clicking using the context menu “Unlink selected link(s)” or by clicking the  button in the toolbar.

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