This editor shows a list of currently existing character sets in the head area. The body contains a toolbar for inserting, deleting and saving the character sets. The footer displays the values of the currently selected character set and allows it to be modified using the following options:

  • Click the  button  to create a new set.
    To delete a set click  or right-click the set to delete it from the list.
  • Use the  to refresh the list.
  • Furthermore you can save the set outside TextGrid and import external sets by clicking  or .

The name and icon of the character set can be changed as well as the content, which consists of either a predefined Unicode blockset or a custom list of Unicode characters. These characters can be entered as a decimal Unicode character code point (e.g. “56789”), as a Unicode hexadecimal code point with a leading sign (e.g. “U+1D100”), or as a directly inserted symbol from the system clipboard. The selected signs must be separated by semicolons. Click “Close” to save the charset.

Custom Character Editor

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