The Dictionary Search tool allows users to browse the dictionary network

at the Center for Digital Humanities at the University of Trier. The following dictionaries may be browsed:

  • General dictionaries: German Dictionary by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm; Grammatical-Critical Dictionary of the High German Dialect by Johann Christoph Adelung
  • Author’s dictionaries: Goethe Dictionary
  • Dialect dictionaries: Dictionary of the Alsatian Dialect by Ernst Martin and Hans Lienhart; Dictionary of German-Lorrainese Dialects by Ferdinand Follmann; Dictionary of the Palatine Dialect by Ernst Christmann et al.; Rhenish Dictionary; Supplement to the Rhenish Dictionary
  • Middle High German dictionaries: Middle High German Dictionary by Matthias Lexer; Middle High German Dictionary by Georg Friedrich Benecke, Wilhelm Müller and Friedrich Zarncke; Supplement to the Middle High German Dictionary by Matthias Lexer
  • Luxembourgian dictionaries: Luxembourgian Dictionary, Dictionary of the Luxembourgian colloquial speech; Dictionary of the Luxembourgian dialect

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