Digilib (short for “digital image library”) is an open software tool for the scholarly study of images via the internet. It was developed to enable the study and annotation of images. High resolution digital images are stored and processed on an image server and only a small visible part of the image is transferred over the internet.

The user can zoom, rotate, mirror, enhance, and annotate images in a persistent way without changing the original image data. The Digilib software facilitates two aspects of scholarly work with digital images: First, it provides a means of exploring and analyzing images in high-resolution detail. Second, it provides the opportunity to cite and reference research results with the aid of explanatory elements and references in the image or in image segments.

The Digilib plugin in the TextGrid Laboratory implements the functions for image display, zooming, scaling, rotation, and mirroring as well as color modification. The current zoomed, rotated, or mirrored view of the image can be saved as a Digilib View object and opened at any time.

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