The Digilib Editor View shows the image in the size and resolution of your screen. When the Editor is open, you will also see additional Digilib Toolbar buttons in the Toolbar on top of the window.

With the Toolbar buttons you can zoom in to inspect the image up to the highest resolution offered by the server or rotate or mirror the image or change its brightness or contrast.

On the toolbar of the TextGrid Lab GUI, a row of icons or buttons will be displayed as soon as the Digilib Editor is open.

  • ScaleUp/ScaleDown: The image can be scaled down or up, meaning that the overall size can be reduced with  or enlarged with   .
  • ZoomArea: after clicking the button   you can zoom into an area on the image by first clicking on the upper left corner of the area and then the lower right corner. After the first click, a red rectangle will appear and indicate the currently selected area. After the second click, the image will be replaced with a zoomed view of the selected area. 
  • ZoomFull: The button  zooms out and shows the whole image.
  • Rotate: The button   opens a slider control to rotate the image.
  • Mirror Vertical: The button  mirrors the image vertically (top-down)
  • Mirror Horizontal: The button  mirrors the image horizontally (left-right).
  • Contrast: The button  opens a slider to change the contrast of the image.
  • Brightness: The button  opens a slider to change the brightness of the image.

These buttons present the most important functionalities that can also be operated by the advanced controls in the Properties View.

The current state of the image in the editor can be saved as a Digilib Editor View Object in the TextGrid Repository and recalled at any later time.

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