This section describes how to work with the Editor Field in the center when a document is open. At the bottom of the Editor Field, you can choose between three different editing views  and one preview mode of the content: “Design”, “Source”,  “WYSIWYM” and "Preview".

  • The Design View shows the hierarchic structure of the document.
  • The Source View shows the document in XML language. It allows you to access its structure and modify it.
  • The WYSIWYM (=“What You See Is What You Mean”) View shows an example of the display and formatting of the content for the web.
  • The Preview presents a HTML document after treating the XML Object with an adequate XSLT file.

You can switch between those editing views by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the editor. The * in the title bar of the Editor Field shows that the file has not yet been saved. In every view, a list of short cuts is available by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+L.


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