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Block and Inline Markers

In the default setting, no tags are displayed in the WYSIWYM Editing View. To display the Block Markers, which mark nested divisions of an XML file, select  in the main toolbar. To display the Inline Markers, which mark the single elements of an XML document, select  in the main toolbar.

Block and Inline Markers


Insert Elements

You can insert new elements by right-clicking at a selected position in the editor and selecting “Insert Element” (or alternatively you can select “XML Insert Elements”  in the menu bar). Activating the "Show Inline Markers" button on the toolbar is recommended. If text is highlighted in the editor when selecting “Insert Element(s)”, the new element will surround the highlighted text fragment. In both cases after selecting ’Insert Element(s)’ a list of suggested elements allowed at this position will appear. You can use the Up ↑ and Down ↓ keys on your keyboard to select an element and press “return” to insert it or double-click on an element in the list. To insert an element not provided in the proposal list, enter the name of the element in the editing field and click “Insert New”.

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