Installing software directly from update sites

To browse an update site and directly install software from it (that may not yet be part of the Marketplace), 

  1. Open the wizard at Help → Install New Software
  2. Select the update site you want to browse from the Work with drop down, or enter its URL (see the list above) into the drop down's input field and press your Enter key
  3. Check the tool(s) you wish to install in the tree below
  4. Work through the rest of the wizard using the Next and Finish buttons.

You will need to restart the TextGridLab after installing software.

You are not neccessarily limited to TextGridLab tools – you can theoretically install any Eclipse plug-in into the TextGridLab using this method. However, tools that are neither at our update site nor in our marketplace have not been tested to work with TextGridLab, and thus may not work.

Removing tools

You can remove tools you no longer need from your TextGridLab installation by way of the installation detail dialog:

  1. Open the About TextGridLab dialog from the Help menu (or the TextGridLab menu on Mac OS)
  2. Click the Installation Details button to open the corresponding dialog
  3. On the Installed Software page, select the tool(s) you wish to uninstall and click the Uninstall button.
  4. The uninstall wizard will list everything to be uninstalled. Click Finish.
  5. After uninstallation, you should restart the TextGridLab as recommended.

Note that you cannot remove tools that are TextGridLab base components or that other tools depend on.

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