In the application form of Items (and Aggregations) there are the following specific input fields:

  1. Title(s)
  2. Identifier(s)
  3. Rights Holder(s)
  4. Notes
  5. Part of Edition(s)

In the case of Items, names of rights holders (e.g author, contributor, editor) can be attached. In the "Rights Holder(s)" field they can be identified with a name and an URI. Further rights holders can be added by clicking the appropriate button. Rights holders can be removed by clicking the corresponding button. Mark the box if it is a corporate body.

The input field with the name "Part of Edition(s)" displays the relation of the Item to an Edition Object. The field can not be filled with input by the user. The default entry is "no related Editions found" as long as there is no connection made to an Edition Object. This entry changes once a relation is defined via the Aggregations Editor.

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