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TextGrid – Virtual Research Environment for the Humanities

The joint project TextGrid aims to support access to and exchange of data in the arts and humanities by means of modern information technology. These pages offer up-to-date documentation for TextGrid users, developers, and administrators; more information and introductory material can be found on the TextGrid homepage.

User Documentation

User Manual 2.0

Nutzerhandbuch 2.0

TextGrid Tutorials

Technical Documentation


  1. Introduction
  2. TextGrid Basics
    1. The Logical View
    2. The Physical View
    3. Search Index and Baseline Encoding
    4. The Three Pillars of TextGrid
    5. Rights Management Issues and Publication
  3. Metadata 
    a. Used technologies

    b. Used formats

    c. Used frameworks, bibs, server, apps, etc.

    d. Concept Index

Frontend: TextGrid Laboratory

Getting Started

Creating a tool for the TextGridLab

Backend: TextGrid Repository Services

The main site of the technical documentation you can find here: https://textgridlab.org/doc/

Core Services

Import and Dissemination

Extended APIs

Service Clients


TextGrid Repository

  1. Organisational Infrastructure
  2. Data Policies
  3. The page Digital Object Management gives an overview about the main technologies and procedures used for an appropiate data management. Import and publish workflows are desrcibed and related to the repository architecture of TextGrid.





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