The TextGrid Lab is available for download as a basic package which contains the most important components. The download of additional open source tools and services (free of charge) is possible via the Eclipse "Marketplace" interface within the TextGrid Lab via the menu bar at the top of the screen. Please select the  icon   on the Welcome Screen or "Eclipse Marketplace ..." under the menu item "Help" in the menu bar. In principle, the list of tools is not limited. The Marketplace offers a catalogue of additional tools that can be installed into the TextGridLab, tools from the TextGrid team as well as tools from external developers.

Musical Score Editor MEISE


Oxygen XML Editor

SADE Publish Tool


The following tools are no longer available for download via the Marketplace:

Linguistic Tools (i.e. Lemmatizer, LEXUS, Cosmas II, ANNEX)

Text Text Link Editor

The marketplace is still an experimental feature, not all features will work as desired.

There is also a mechanism to install software that is not offered at the Marketplace.

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