When you open the XML Editor, certain items in the menu bar will be activated. Some of these items are located under “Edit”, and some under “XML”.


When the XML Editor is opened, options from “Edit” in the menu bar can be used, depending on the view that is open in the Editor Field. Most items are displayed if the XML file is opened in the Source View. These items are listed below:

  • Undo  and Redo : To undo or redo a change made to a document, click “Edit Undo” or “Edit Redo” in the menu bar.
  • Cut , Copy  and Paste : Use “Edit Cut”, “Edit Copy” and “Edit Paste” in the menu bar to arrange parts of the source code.
  • Delete  and Select All : For deleting sections of code, use “Edit Delete”. Use “Edit Select All” to mark all source code of an XML document.
  • Find and Replace : To open the “Find and Replace” dialog box, click “Edit Find and Replace” in the menu bar on top. You can specify text to search for and also to replace in this dialog box. You can determine:
    • the search direction (“Forward” or “Backward” from the current cursor position)
    • the scope (use “All” or “Selected lines” to search within a selected area)
    • whether or not your search should be “Case sensitive”
    • if the entire search string should be matched using “Whole word”
    • whether to “Wrap search” at the end of the file
    • if the editor focus should move to the first complete occurrence of the text you are typing, using “Incremental”
    • if the regular expressions mode should be activated using the “Regular expressions” checkbox. Type [Ctrl+Space] over the text field to receive content assistance that lists all possible expressions
  • Expand selection to: For marking up passages in the Source View, the option “Expand selection to” allows you to select the enclosing, the next, or the previous element. In addition, you can restore the last selection.
  • Content Assist: For more information, please see the explanation of the Source View.
  • Show Tooltip Description: Displays tooltip description, where applicable. It shows the value of a hover that would appear at the current cursor location.
  • Word Completion: Use this item to receive suggestions from the program for completing a word.
  • Quick fix: For more information, please see the explanations of the Source View.
  • Smart Insert Mode: For more information, please see the explanation of the Source View.


The following operations can be started from the menu bar item “XML”:

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