To open XML documents from the Repository in the XML Editor, either double-click the document in the Navigator or right-click on the document in the Navigator and select “Open”. Another possibility is to select the XML document in the Navigator and then use the menu bar to select "File > Open Object". To open XML documents from your local system in the XML Editor, click “File > Open Local File” and choose the document you want to open from the “Open File” dialog of your local system.

Once a document or file is opened,

  • the Metadata Editor shows the metadata related to the document,
  • in the Editor Field the document content is shown in XML language,
  • in the separated Outline View on the right, the document is represented as a tree or hierarchic structure
  • if you click on an element in the XML Editor Field or the Outline View, its attributes and their values are then listed in a table within the Properties View.

At the bottom of the Editor Field in the center you can choose between three different editing views of the document: Design View, Source View and WYSIWYM View. The Design View shows only the hierarchic structure of the document. The Source View shows the document in the XML language. It allows you to access its structure and modify it. The WYSIWYM View (= “What You See Is What You Mean” View) shows the final display and format of the content for the web. You can switch between the editing views by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the Editor Field.

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