The Aggregations Editor can be opened via creating a new Aggregation or editing an already existing Aggregation, Edition, or Collection. The Editor will open

  • after choosing “New” from “File” in the menu bar and creating a kind of Aggregation
  • by clicking " > Aggregation" in the toolbar
  • by right-clicking an Aggregation, Edition or Collection in the Navigator and selecting “Edit”

If “File > New” in the menu bar or  are selected, then the “Create a new TextGrid Object” dialog box will open. Afterwards, the Aggregations Editor appears.

You can also open the Aggregations Editor in a separate perspective by using

  • the item "Aggregations" on the Welcome Screen
  • “Aggregations” from “Tools” in the menu bar
  • the icon  in the toolbar

In these cases, a perspective opens with the Navigator, the empty Metadata Editor and the empty Aggregations Editor. To add a new Aggregation, choose “New” from “File” in the menu bar or click  in the toolbar. To edit an Aggregation, right-click it in the Navigator and select “Edit”.

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