A perspective must be open to contain the Note Editor. The only way to start the Score Editor is by opening or creating an MEI document as described below:

  • Create a new MEI note sheet via the toolbar  > Item > MEI Notesheet”. Select a Project in the “Create a new TextGrid Object” dialog box. Click “Finish” or “Next” to select a title for the new Object. Pressing the button “Finish” will open the Note Editor with a simple unnamed MEI document, together with the XML Editor’s Outline and Properties View.
  • Click on an existing MEI Item in the Navigator View and the editor will open.
  • Via the context menu: Open the XML Editor Perspective. Choose an MEI Item in the Navigator. Right-click it, choose “Open with...” > and select “MEI Score Editor”.
  • In this way, you can also open an MEI Item with the XML Editor in order to work with the source code.

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