A specific arrangement of user interface components is defined as a perspective. In general, a perspective always consists of several views. A perspective can be customized (saved, closed, and reset to its initial setting) by right-clicking on the open tab in the perspective bar. The icon  on the toolbar can be used to close a perspective.

Editors such as the XML Editor are closely related to perspectives, with a few differences:

  • Unless re-arranged, all editors will open in a central area, typically in the middle of the screen, and will be visible as tabs stacked on top of each other.
  • Editors must be part of perspectives or else they will be closed.
  • While typically there is one view whose content depends on the selected Object, you can open a separate editor for each Object you wish to edit.
  • The editor will stay open until you explicitly close it or the Laboratory itself.

When editors contain unsaved content, their tab is marked with an asterisk (*).

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