TextGridLab's Eclipse-based user interface uses the system settings as the base for its overall look, and it offers a preferences dialog to adjust the visualisation of those parts of the UI that are specific for the TextGridLab or Eclipse.

Adjusting the overall font size

The overall font size that is used, e.g., in the Navigator, in the menus etc., can only be adjusted using your desktop environment's means:

Adjusting the font used in the editors, or other specific UI settings

To fine-tune UI elements specific for Eclipse or the TextGridLab, open the preference dialog by selecting "Window" (or "TextGridLab" on MacOS) in the menu bar and "Preferences". The dialog is described in more detail on


In this dialog you can also change some preferences that are important for TextGrid. For example: If you want to change the font size in the Source View of the XML Editor, you can select "General" in the preference dialog. Then you have to choose "Appearence" and afterwards "Fonts and Colors" in the tree structure on the left. Select "Basic" and "Text Font" in the dialog that appears in the center of the dialog. Click "Edit" to change the font size and "OK" and "Apply" to save the preferences.

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