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Rights Management Issues and Publication

The role-based rights management and the user's ability to invite others to join her Project according to pre- or individually defined roles is one of the greatest strengths (i.e. enabling collaboration) of TextGrid – but is also the source of some sophisticated application logic slowing down things slightly. TG-search, for instance, has to ask for every match of a user's query whether this user is allowed to “find” this object. For this (and other) reasons, there‟s another, freely accessible search index where published objects are fed in. Since published objects are „frozen‟. Accordingly, the now immutable object is being moved from the dynamic (frequent I/O operations) to a static grid storage instance. Being published, an object is associated with a persistent identifier (Handle), and its metadata and format is being validated. Furthermore, this object must be part of an Edition or Collection to assure a certain quality level of the metadata.

(insert image here) Figure 4: TextGrid infrastructure and publishing workflow

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