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A list of shortcuts can be found in the Lab by selecting the information on shortcuts in the "Help" menu or by clicking Crtl+Shift+L. Here are the main shortcuts:

[Alt+-]Show System Menu
[Alt+Shift+Q,Q]Show View
[Crtl+3]Quick Access
[Crtl+F6]Next Editor
[Crtl+F7]Next View
[Crtl+F8]Next Perspective
[Crtl+F10]Show View Menu
[Crtl+M]Maximize Active Editor or View
[Crtl+Shift+F6]Previous Editor
[Crtl+Shift+F7]Previous View
[Crtl+Shift+F8]Previous Perspective
[Crtl+Shift+E]Switch to Editor
[Crtl+Shift+L]Key Assist
[Crtl+Shift+S]Save All
[Crtl+Shift+W]Close All

Activate Editor

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