18-04-2019 Meldung zu einem Sicherheitsvorfall betreffend DARIAH-DE Wiki / Announcement about a security incident affecting DARIAH-DE Wiki: https://wiki.de.dariah.eu/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=94306671
Am Do 25.04.2019 zwischen 15.00 und 17.00 Uhr finden Wartungsarbeiten am Confluence-Wiki statt. Dadurch ist der Dienst nicht erreichbar. On 25.04.2019 between 15.00 and 17.00 the Confluence-Wiki is being maintained. The service won't be accessible.
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The following shortcuts are available:


[Page Up]and [Page Down]Move Image Up or Down
[+]Zoom In
[-]Zoom Out
[0]Zoom Original
[C]Clone Active Rectangle Horizontally to the Right
[Ctrl+A]Select All Shapes
[Ctrl+T]Open Or Close the Toolkit
[Ctrl+V]Clone Active Docking Line
[Shift + C]Clone Active Rectangle Vertically Downwards
[Shift + U]Clone Active Rectangle Vertically Upwards
[Shift + B]Clone Active Rectangle Vertically to the Left
[Shift + H]Horizontal Alignment For Active Docking Line
[Shift + L]Show All Text Layers
[Shift + P]Show Or Hide Shape Rotation
[Shift + S]Show Or Hide Writing Mode
[Shift + R]Activate Or Deactivate Shape Rotation Mode
[Shift + V]Vertical Alignment For Active Docking Line
[Space + Mouse-Left]Move Image
[Tab]Transverse Between Selections

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