1. After you have collated different texts, special readings can be defined as equivalent.
  2. Click  or use the link at the bottom of the collation set list to open the equivalence set list.
  3. Select a project and a title as well as further metadata for the set in the dialog that will appear.  
  4. Drag elements from the Alignment Table and drop them into the equivalence set list. Tokens that should be treated as equivalent must be dropped in the same line by placing the cursor in that line. To delete selected lines, click the icon  in the toolbar.
  5. In the second column of the equivalence set list, you can define if this equivalence should only be local or global for the whole collation. Click on "Global" or "Local" to change this setting.
  6. By clicking the "..." button, existing equivalence sets can be used.
  7. By clicking the "X" button, existing associations with equivalence sets can be deleted.
  8. Save the equivalence set via Ctrl+S and restart the collation if desired.

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