Using the toolbar gives you access to the most frequently used tools and components, plus some tool-specific functions that are only enabled if special tools are opened. These specific functions are described in the following chapters about these tools (e.g. the Text Image Link Editor). Here are the permanent items of the TextGridLab toolbar, listed by icon and its corresponding function:


opens the Welcome Screen
allows you to create new Projects and Aggregations
saves the currently opened document
opens the Aggregations Editor
opens the Dictionary Search
opens the Text Image Link Editor
opens the Project and User Management
opens the Search

opens the XML Editor

opens the Workflow Tool
opens the Metadata Editor
opens the Metadata Template Editor
opens the Unicode Character Table
opens the Help
closes the current open perspective
Toolbar Icons

If other modules such as CollateX are installed, their icons will also appear in the Toolbar. These functions are discussed in the chapters about these specific tools.

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