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The Toolkit can be opened and closed via the wrench icon in the title bar of the Image View. All functions of the Toolkit apply to the Image View.

  • Magnifier  : click and drag to enlarge the selected screen area temporarily (the range can be modified with the Ctrl key)
  • Magnifier  : clicking the desktop zooms in and centers the workspace at the selected position
  • Magnifier  : zooms out
  • The sliding tool   allows you to move the workspace
  • Rectangular Selection  : click and drag to select a rectangular area
  • Polygonal Selection  : click and drag to create a Polygon. Its outline can be completed by double clicking
  • "Choose color": modifies the foreground (= selected, active marking) or background (= inactive marking) color of the Shape Selections. Both can be modified by clicking the big colored squares
  • "Swap colors"  : interchanges the foreground and background colors
  • "Reset color": clicking the smaller pair of squares resets foreground and background color to the default colors (black and white)
  • Raster  : activates the line raster in the Image View to facilitate the alignment of the marking


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