When a new Project has been created, Project users can be added and roles can be assigned to them. To be selected users must previously have logged into TextGridLab at least once.

There are four possible roles for users in TextGrid and every role has specified rights:


Project Manager

delegate, create rights for Projects; delegate, publish rights for resources

Authority to Delete

delete rights for resources


read, write permission for resources


read only rights for resources




Project Rights

Resource Rights


edit the user/role assignment for the Project

modify rights for the resource



publish a resource. The resource will be then world-readable and cannot be deleted or updated any longer



delete unpublished resources


Create new Projects

create new resources in the Project



write (i.e. update) unpublished resources



read resources in the Project


Rights in TextGrid are non-hierarchical. If users are meant to have full rights, the roles “Project Manager”, “Authority to Delete” and “Editor” must be assigned to them. Roles with their respective rights can be withdrawn from users by those with the authority to do so.

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