Before you publish an Object, it is important to know that only Editions and Collections can be published. In order to be published, Editions must contain a TextGrid “Work”. If an Edition is to be published, metadata fields that were previously optional for an Edition become mandatory: these fields are “Edition of” and “License”.

If a Project with at least one Object to be published has been created in the TextGridLab, an Edition of this Object can be published by using the Aggregations Editor and the Metadata Editor:

  1. Create and save a Work.
  2. Create an Edition.
  3. Copy the Object to be published and the Work with the metadata in the Edition.
  4. Complete the metadata of the Edition: “Edition of” and “License” are required for publishing.
  5. Save the Edition.
  6. Publish the Edition.

This Edition is public now. This action is irreversible.

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