Initially a Project must be selected. Click “Next” and “Add new Element”. Then a new element name must be chosen that can consist of only one word. Now select a data type for this element from the drop down menu. The element can be

  • a string: strings range from a single word or character to large blocks of text
  • a date
  • an integer
  • Boolean: this means “false” and “true” values and must be written as “0” and “1”
  • time
  • decimal: must written with a decimal point (for example, “1.5”)

Mark the checkboxes “Repeatable” or “Mandatory” if desirable. An element can be removed by clicking the corresponding “Remove” button. Another element may be added by clicking the “Add new Element” button. Click “Finish” to save your input or “Cancel” to close the editor. Click “Back” if you want to select another Project. After you have finished creating new input fields, they will appear in the Metadata Editor of all TextGrid Objects.



Metadata Template Editor

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