After installing the TextGrid Laboratory, you will be able to start the software. The Welcome Screen provides several options:


Welcome Screen

Once you click "Login"', a new window opens. You will be able to login using your TextGrid account information (the user name and password you received via e-mail), or you may choose to login via DFN-AAI (= authentication and authorization infrastructure of the German National Research and Education Network). If you have forgotten your TextGrid account password, please use the button "Forgot Password?'' at the bottom of the screen.


Login Screen

After your first login, you will be asked to complete your user information and to accept the "TextGrid Terms of Use". If you select the option "Searchable'', other TextGrid users will be able to find you by searching for your name, institution, or e-mail-address. The fields with an * are mandatory. You can change your user information at any time via the "Help > Authentication'' in the menu bar of the Lab.


 User Information Wizard

After you have successfully logged in, the Welcome Screen will appear with your TextGrid login in the center. Now you can begin to use all the tools displayed on the Welcome Screen:

These tools are explained in separate chapters of the TextGrid manual and online help.

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