Works are Objects that are essentially defined by their metadata. In contrast to Editions and Collections, they do not include other Objects. The metadata form of Works contains the following elements:

  1. Title(s)
  2. Identifier(s)
  3. Agent(s)
  4. Abstract
  5. Date of Creation
  6. Spatial(s)
  7. Temporal(s)
  8. Subject(s)
  9. Genre(s)
  10. Type(s)
  11. Notes

The "Agent" element for Works is required on publication and it is repeatable. It consists of a role attribute for which a Dublin Core (DC) relator term can be chosen from the drop down menu. In the “id” attribute an identifying URI like PND or FOAF might be added. The agent’s name can be given as the value for this element. here is an auto complete function for this. If you enter a name of a person, TextGrid will suggest you adequate PND entries. Select on of them and the PND number will be added automatically. The "Abstract" element is optional and repeatable. It is used for any comprehensive description of the work.

One agent can have a single role term. The available terms are from MARC 21.

The "Date of Creation" element is mandatory. It must be entered on the form TextGrid supports. Spatial, temporal and subject keywords can be added. Their identifiers should be ideally linked to controlled vocabularies. Each of the three categories “Spatial”, “Temporal”, “Subject” has included a value field. With “Value” the display value can be influenced.

The "Genre" element is required and repeatable. It is used for basic classification. For a more detailed classification beyond "Genre", the "Type" element can be applied. It is optional and repeatable.

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  1. There is an auto completion feature for PND data, that is not described in this manual.

  2. This was just mentioned on the page concerning the metadata editor field. Now this information is added on the page for work and edition metadate, too. Thanks for the remark.