When you install oXygen using the Marketplace, usually the newest version is installed, and it will be included in the usual update mechanism. If you would like to stick with an older version of oXygen, the following steps will help you:

Undoing an Update

You can undo a TextGridLab update and revert to an earlier version by the following steps:

  1. Save your unfinished work – TextGridLab will be restarted in the following steps.
  2. Open the About TextGridLab dialog from the Help menu (or, on Mac OS X, from the TextGridLab menu).
  3. Click the Installation Details button.
  4. Select the Installation History button.
  5. In the upper list, select the update level you wish to restore. The list below shows the installation contents of this level for review.
  6. Click the Revert button and confirm the dialogs following. After a TextGridLab restart, the old version level will be restored.

Manually installing an older version of oXygen

  1. Open Help → Install New Software
  2. From the dropdown list at the top of the window, choose the oXygen entry
  3. In the lower part of the dialog, uncheck both Show only the latest version and Group by category
  4. In the list in the middle of the dialog, check the checkbox next to the oXygen version you wish to install (and optionally the corresponding language pack for translations)
  5. Finish click next twice, confirm the license and click finish to install oXygen

Afterwards, you may wish to exempt oXygen from the usual update mechanism:

Exempting oXygen from TextGridLab updates

  1. Open the Preferences dialog from the Window menu or from the TextGridLab menu (Mac OS X).
  2. Select Install/Update → Available Software Sites
  3. From the list, remove the checkmark in front of the oXygen entry
  4. Click Ok to confirm your changes and close the dialog.


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