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The XML Editor is an interactive tool for editing XML documents and for creating new data or annotating text in XML. XML is a markup language, which means that XML can work outside the world wide web and sets the meaning of the elements and (optionally) their presentation. XML is able to organize and classify data in a text. Therefore, XML is able to facilitate the exchange of data and information as well as to make it searchable. For more information about XML, please see


TextGrid’s XML Editor is based on the “Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project” and “Vex” by John Krasnay et. al.. For more information, please see

http://www.eclipse.org/webtools and http://wiki.eclipse.org/Vex

 Please note that this Editor is still part of the TextGrid Lab, so you will be able to choose between the default XML Editor and the customized TextGrid XML Editor. This is important if the Preferences should be changed or a XML object is opened via the context menu of the Navigator.

The TextGrid Help explains the TextGrid XML Editor Perspective and its parts in detail and provides several examples for using the XML Editor.

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