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The use of the Collection Registry as well as all other services DARIAH-DEs is basically available to anyone who has a DARIAH account. In order to apply for a DARIAH account, an institutional connection is necessary; Individuals are only granted an account in special exceptions, which are checked in advance. It is therefore also inherent that DARIAH-DE assumes that the services provided are used responsibly and on a scientific basis.

DARIAH-DE also fundamentally stands up for open licenses, open access and scientific networking and collaboration, as well as the reuse of research data. In contrast to this, there are often fears about giving away data and own creative achievements, and a fundamental caution when granting usage rights to others.

The safe, long-term preservation of research data, as well as their adequate description and documentation, are also fundamental principles in DARIAH-DE.

On the basis of these basic requirements, DARIAH-DE developed the following Best-Practice-Recommendations for using the Collection Registry:

In General:

  • Description of the collection with the most comprehensive metadata available (fill as many fields as possible).
  • Check license questions and possible rights carefully before you enter an existing collection into the Collection Registry.
  • Also check all files for copyright issues before uploading them as a collection in the DARIAH-DE Publikator.

In Detail:







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