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The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) should explain common questions in short form and give reference to further information, if necessary.

If you have any questions to the modules of the data federation architecture, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer the questions and add them to the FAQs.

You can contact us under


For whom is my data visible in the collection registry?

This depends on the stage of the collection description.

  1. Is the description saved as a draft because the description is not ready or will be extended at a later point at time, the description is only visible for you if you are logged into the collection registry.
  2. Is the collection description published, then the collection description is for all users (including not logged in users) visible. Logged in users can even edit the descrption.

The same applies to you: you can see all published collection descriptions and edit them if you are logged in.

How many collection descriptions can I add?

You can create as many descriptions and drafts as you want, there are no limits. We (DARIAH-DE) have a strong interest in having many published and detailed collection descriptions!

Which kind of collection may I describe?

You can describe any kind of scientific collection in the Collection registry.

There is no interface to my data. Which possibilties do I have?

Even if there is no interface to the data, it makes still sense to create a collection description. Maybe you can make data public on a website. You can add the access details and make the access to the data easier for other researchers.

If there is no access at al to the data it is still benefitial to add the description. Other can search for the information and can contact the location. In this case you need as much metadata as possible.

Please also consider to publish your data onto the DARIAH-DE repository. It offers a repository for all researcher of humanities and cultural sciences.

How can I edit already registered descriptions?

You can change the descriptions if you log in with your DARIAH or instutional account into the Collection Registry.

I am not sure how to fill in some of the fields. Where can I find help?

The metadata fields are quite comprehensive. Some fields might be unclear or misleading. You can get more informatiom of you click on the top left and switch on the editor options. You can find the complection documentation in the user-guides.

The schema is a custom model, the DARIAH Collection Description Data Model (DCDDM). It is similar to the Dublin Core Simple Standards, but contains additional and more specific information. You can find a detailed documentation about each field in the DCDDM.

If there are still questions, please contact

Where can I find additional information about scientific collections, metadata and handling of research data?

You can find detailed information in our public wiki and on the  DARIAH-DE Website. Here you will find a lot of information about Digital Humanities und somit natürlich and scientific collections, metadata and handling of research data. There is also a bibliography list and other services from DARIAH-DE and a list of upcoming events and workshops.


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