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Second, the TextGrid Repository is since 2016 part of the DARIAH-DE Research Infrastructure which offers a variety of services and tools – the TextGridRep is one of them. Additionally, the operation of the repository is ensured until the end of 2021 by a DARIAH-DE operating cooperation between all consortium members. It's a legally binding cooperation agreement to keep services and tools of DARIAH-DE running for the transition phase into the planned long-term funded national research infrastructure for 2021. The SUB and GWDG as founders of the HDC are also important consortium members of DARIAH-DE. While the SUB is responsible for the administrative coordination of the operating cooperation, the GWDG takes the responsibility for the technical coordination. SUB and GWDG provide their resources and services in terms of technical infrastructure, administration, human resources and expertise  for a sustainable operation of the TextGrid Reprository through the DARIAH operating cooperation agreement.

The specific governance structure of the DARIAH-DE operating cooperation ensures that disciplinary and technical innovations are taken into account and implemented to an appropriate extent, The DARIAH-DE steering committee is the joint central decision-making body at cooperation level. In monthly telephone conferences, it discusses and decides about strategic developments and potential disciplinary innovations of the DARIAH-DE Infrastructure, including the TextGridRep. The DARIAH-DE Coordination Office coordinates the DARIAH-DE operational cooperation and is located at the SUB. It also documents the DARIAH steering committee’s decisions.


As illustrated above for the organisational infratstructure of the TextGrid Repository, SUB and GWDG as founders of Humanities Data Centre take over a variety of tasks within the framework of the research infrastructure DARIAH-DE operating cooperation (service provider) and of the assocoiated project CLARIAH-DE. As DARIAH-DE is the service provider of the TextGrid Repository all All tasks fulfilled by SUB and GWDG as running members of the HDC and consortium members of DARIAH-DE are in-house and listed in the following overview.