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„Open, disclosed and frequently used formats are preferred as archive file formats, the assumption being that these will have a longer life, and there are more likely to be techniques and tools for converting or emulating them, given that they are supported by a wide circle of users.“

Mainly used formats are pdf, csv, plain text, xml and its specification xml-tei and several image file formats like TIFF, jpg, etc. or even tool specific formats like kml (for the DARIAH-DE Geobrowser).A list of those proposed file formats is listed here below (see p. 26f.):

Further recommendations from the nestor criteria catalogue:

At all levels of the publication workflow and lifecycle of the DARIAH-DE Repository (as illustrated and described above in the section Data Reuse) support and consultation are guaranteed and given by staff members of the SUB and DARIAH-DE dealing with the DARIAH-DE Repository via: