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Code Block
cd /var/www/nginx-root/
mkdir 3.3.0 && cd 3.3.0
unzip -j
rm --full > index.html > fragment.html

Download Website

  1. on, cd into /var/www/download/2.0.2 and run the script
  2. open the download page in the typo3 backend and
    1. paste the output into the download table field in the hero block, replacing the existing content
    2. write a short release note in German and English into the corresponding field
    3. generate the changelog in Jira:
      1. go to the TextGrid project's Versions list
      2. click the version to release
      3. click the Release Notes link in the upper right
    4. paste the changelog into the corresponding field in typo3
    5. add last version to the list of archived versions