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b) Request a password reset

c) Login to the system


a) Account Request

Requesting an account here will trigger a ticket in OTRS and an entry in the account request table for DARIAH admins.


To access more functions, log in using your DARIAH or external credentials. Push the "Login" button, and then select "DARIAH" for your DARIAH account, or type (part of) your institution's name for your own account. 


Registered User

As a registered user, you can:


c) Manage and request group memberships 


a) Modify


Here you are given the option to review and edit some of your account data. Note how some fields can not be empty and some can only be changed by the Support Team.


If a user still knows his password but wants to change it, he can do that in the Self Service.

c) Manage Groups

German instruction as PDF: Gruppenmanagement-DARIAH-Self-Service.pdf

This option lets you manage your group memberships and apply for new ones which then have to be approved by the group owners.