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Here TG-crud is addressed as well as all system maintenance and operation staff and services, such as operating system updates and TextGrid Repository services monitoring. please compare fig. 2 to 4, as well as as Organisational Infrastructure and and Data Policies & Collection Management.

The Preservation Planning Functional Entity […] provides the services and functions for monitoring the environment of the OAIS, providing recommendations and preservation plans to ensure that the information stored in the OAIS remains accessible to, and understandable by, the Designated Community over the Long Term, even if the original computing environment becomes obsolete. Preservation Planning functions include evaluating the contents of the Archive and periodically recommending archival information updates, recommending the migration of current Archive holdings, developing recommendations for Archive standards and policies, providing periodic risk analysis reports, and monitoring changes in the technology environment and in the Designated Community’s service requirements and Knowledge Base. Preservation Planning also designs Information Package templates and provides design assistance and review to specialize these templates into SIPs and AIPs for specific submissions. Preservation Planning also develops detailed Migration plans, software prototypes and test plans to enable implementation of Administration migration goals.Recommendation for Space Data System Practices: REFERENCE MODEL FOR AN OPEN ARCHIVAL INFORMATION SYSTEM, p.4-2


Here TG-search, including LDAP, RDF and index database, are in place to guarantee research and retrieval of published objects. Futhermore Furthermore objects in the OwnStorage, secured by Rights Management (TG-auth) can be stated here. TG-crud would then be the object and response deliverer.