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  • The SUB and GWDG as two well recognised institutions with the respective relevant expertise declare their responsibility for the long-term operation of the repository through common founding of the Humanities Data Centre (HDC)  as operator of the TextGrid Repository and to take care of providing all necessary ressources (technical, financial and in terms of knowledge and expertise of stuff members) – in addition to public project funding of associated projects and independantly whenever necessary. See in this context also the founding manifesto of the HDC.
  • All phases of the TextGrid Repository's publication and preservation workflows are based on the Open Archiving Information System (see TextGrid and the Open Archival Information System (OAIS)),
  • at bitstream preservation level the repository ensures data preservation in unchanged form for every item,
  • for TEI/XML and TIFF as most suitable long-tem preservation formats according to the state of the art of the designated community and respective technical standards the repository offers support and will also undertake format changes in the future if necessary,
  • further recommendations (LINK) in terms of preferable long-term-preservation-formats are given,
  • the data is accompanied by appropriate metadata standards for the professional cataloguing of the data and to enable use and reuse for research purposes,
  • appropriate ingest procedures ensure that data are checked and validated according to community standards (such as mandatory metadata fields and generated additional administrative and technical metadata),
  • the integrity and authenticity of data is regularly checked through a technical based routine,
  • the repository has implemented periodical local and distributed backups (located in dedicated computing centers with strict access control) allowing to reinstall the repository data from backup and to recover data in case of technical failures,
  • the infrastructure of the repository is regularly checked and maintained in its functionalities,
  • security issues are covered through security and disaster plans including responsible persons and actions to undertake,
  • documentation, data, metadata, and all related information are regularly maintained suitable to long-term archival storage,
  • all involved entities and stuff members agree to regularly observe and evaluate if changes are to be considered necessary due to changing scientific practice or technical developments and how they are to be implemented (To see ongoing evaluations and planned actions that will be implemented see the section "Collection Development Policy and Data Quality/Reuse", and the wiki page "Digital Object Mangement"),
  • also on an organisational and strategic level SUB and GWDG ensures that the repository stays closely related to its designated community and ongoing innovative developments through associated projects and engagement in new developments and initiatives at a national and international level.