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  1. offers tools we consider stable – currently, these are those tools that are part of the packaged TextGridLab 2.0 release.
  2. offers tools in beta status.
  3. points to the update sites generated by the Integration Build, i.e. here are the bleeding-edge, untested and probably broken versions of our tools.
    Additionally, while preparing new TextGridLab releases we use a separate update site for those builds that will lead up to the release, as opposed to the nightly site for the ongoing update:
  4. is the site for the release preparation builds.

Administrators’ / Releng View


There is a plugin in Tycho Extras that does that. Here is a pom.xml that can be used to mirror the stable repo: Download it and run mvn install, the repository will be created in target/repository.

Updating end users' update site configuration

It is possible to deploy changes to the update site configuration to end users via updated artifacts by using Touchpoint Instructions in a p2.inf file. In TextGridLab, we use the p2.inf file in the base feature for that. The changes are applied when an update to this feature is installed, and their implications are also the default for new installations of the lab. To read this,

  • addRepository adds an update site to the configuration. You must issue this once for each type (type:0 = metadata, type:1 = artifact repository), and you can specify via the enabled boolean parameter whether this repo should be enabled in the user's configuration or if the user must manually enable it (from the preferences / install / available software sites dialog).
  • removeRepository can be used to remove obsolete repositories from the configuration.
  • addRepository with enabled:false can be used to turn off a repository, but leave it configured so the user can easily re-enable it using a checkbox in the respective dialog.

Suggested configuration

TextGridLab Version

Update Site
Release Candidateenabledenabledenableddisabled
Release (= last build of the Relese Candidate!)enabledenableddisableddisabled