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If you wish, you can also download the nightly build of the complete TextGridLab from our integration build server.

Fixing broken nightlies

Since nightlies and their update process are not tested, it can happen that after an update the TextGridLab does not start anymore. There are various ways to recover from that:

  • You can always download a new working lab and move the workspace directory from the old one to the new one before the first start. This will retain your settings, but you'll have to reinstall all additional plugins in the new lab.
  • When someone has fixed the nightly such that the current nightly site contains a working version, you can update your installed lab from the command line by running the following command in the TextGridLab application directory:

    Code Block
    ./textgridlab -nosplash -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director \ 
                  -uninstallIU info.textgrid.lab.base.product \
                  -installIU info.textgrid.lab.base.product \

    Windows users will need to run eclipsec.exe instead of ./textgridlab.