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When updating to TextGridLab from a 2.x version to a 3.x version there might be some issues due to the version gap. Please read the following notes before updating.

Mac OS X: Separate download required

Unlike previous versions, TextGridLab 3.x for Mac OS X comes with the typical Apple file layout: After unpacking, you will find an application named TextGridLab containing all parts of the software. However, updating from the old to the new file layout using the Lab's built-in update mechanism is not possible. As a Mac user, please download the new version from our homepage, and re-install your external plugins from the marketplace.

To keep your previous settings also within the update, choose the new Lab in the Finder, open its context menu (right-click / ctrl-click / two-finger-tap) and choose “Show package contents”. Continue similarly with the textgridlab object of the previous Lab installation. From here, navigate to the folder MacOS/Contents and move the workspace folder from the old to the new TextGridLab.app/MacOS/Contents location.

Linux: Quit instead of restart after update

On Linux you can use the built-in update functionality to upgradte to TextGridLab 3.0. However, the restarting the lab as suggested after the update will hang during the splash screen. We recommend to deny the restart after updating, to quit the TextGridLab and start it again manually. If you accidently do restart and your Lab hangs in the splash screen, simply force close the application and start it again – future starts will work.

Java ≥ 7 required

TextGridLab 3.0 and newer requires at least Java 7 – Users of Java 6 please notice that this version is unmaintained for years and has severe security issues.

Update of external / Marketplace plugins (Oxygen etc.)

Due to the technology change it might be required to update third-party plugins. E.g., Oxygen versions < 16 cannot be installed in TextGridLab 3.x. The update mechanism should offer an update during TextGridLab update.




General hints for system specific problems can be found on our troubleshooting page.

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