Here are the steps to add new members to your Project:

  1. Search for new users by name, e-mail address or organization. * matches any letters. You can browse all registered and searchable users by filling in an asterisk * only. When clicking “Search Users” or pressing the enter key, the checkbox “Show Search Results” is automatically activated and the results are shown in the list of users above with the icon . You can also look for new members by listing users you have worked with in previous Projects. Tick “Show Contacts” to do this. Your contact persons are marked with a special icon .
  2. Choose the roles for the prospective Project members by marking the boxes next to each user. Changes not yet applied are displayed in red boxes.
  3. As soon as you click “Apply Changes” the background of the boxes becomes white and the icon in front of the names added to the Project changes into another symbol . The users are now members of your project. Click “Revert Changes” to remove changes that are not yet applied.

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